Gastronomy and wines

An authentic cuisine

Like its cultural heritage, Aude has transmitted its gastronomy over the years and generations. With the diversity and quality of its agricultural products and a lifestyle closely linked to  the wine culture of the region, and thanks to its young chefs of today, it revisits and invents, with audacity and virtuosity, new flavours. The recipes are both modern and authentic, and their name alone is enough to evoke the coast, scrubland and vineyards of Aude, the Cathar Country.

Coming from land or sea, and from a variety of terroirs, the wealth of Aude's gastronomy offer all the guarantees of quality and authenticity: eels, fish, game, snails, confits, meats from the land of Sault, without forgetting the famous cassoulet. All this delicious recipes will reveal their flavour when accompanied by our wines : Fitou, Corbières, Malepère, Minervois, Cabardès, Clape, Quatourze, Crémant or Blanquette de Limoux.

Key local products


Farm poultry, chickens, guinea fowls, capons of the Cathar Country, ducks, beans of Castelnaudary.


Cherries, sweet onions from Citou, meats from the Black Mountain, honey, cheese, lambs and porks of the Cathar Country, truffles, asparagus, chestnuts.

"Corbières Minervois"

Apples, olives Lucques and olive oil, rice from the pond of Marseillette and goat cheeses,  game and wild boar.

"Narbonnaise en Méditerranée"

Oysters, mussels, eels, Mediterranean fish, honey, cheese.

"Haute Vallée de l'Aude"

Beef and veal from the Pyrenees, cattle and calves from the Cathar Country, honey, cheese, pork, potatoes of the land of Sault, nougat and pébradous of Limoux.